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The Music Industry and Mobile Technology - Assignment Example

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This paper “The Music Industry and Mobile Technology” is meant to discuss the possibility of creating a plan for a new music-related application. Technology has, therefore, turned the people not only to just mere listeners but music makers. Therefore technology and music will always co-exist…
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The Music Industry and Mobile Technology
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Download file to see previous pages The Alpha Music Studio is one of the applications that are meant to bring a revolution in the music world. This is an application that helps to organize music and music albums. The application will be installed on any device that uses an android, Microsoft Windows, and Apple windows among others. The application will be able to split a piece of music into different components. It will also help the listener to listen to different components of music. Some of these components include the instrumentals, sol-fa notes as well as the vocals. In addition, the application will able to split the vocals into different voices. The application will have a speech-to-text component that is able to convert the audio sound into visual lyrics. With all these uses I believe that the application will have a number of users that will take the music industry to the next level (Van, 2009).
The targets
The application will have a number of targets. I believe it can be used by a number of people. The first group that is being targeted is the music directors and producers. The application will be able to split large music files into usable lengths. In addition, the splitting of the audio files can help to eliminate the silence intervals. The splitting of the audio files is very important because it helps in the editing of music files, especially when they are in their raw state. To add to this, the music directors and producers will be able to use the application in enhancing music clarity (Childs, 2011). The vocals and instrumentals function will help them in getting the music clarity before production. The function will also help in the refining of a song at its initial production stage. The application will also convert a song into sol-fa notation. The sol-fa and staff notation is important to the instrumentalist as well as the vocalists (Katz, 2010). In essence, this can lead to the production of better music. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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