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Evaluating Change - Essay Example

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This paper, Evaluating Change, will highlight a change at workplace and the manner in which the past was honored by paying particular attention to the details of the past that were factored in the reform initiative and stakeholder responses to the change process…
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Evaluating Change
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"Evaluating Change"

Download file to see previous pages From this study it is clear that the role of change masters in guiding the change process is to examine the present situation alongside the desired future state and to establish the strategic plan towards achieving that objective; however, the most daunting task for change masters is to get others to buy into the change vision and to support it. Most importantly, honoring the past while moving boldly towards the future is imperative for the success of organizational transformation; nonetheless, it is not uncommon for many organizations to be insensitive to, and to disregard their past in the change process by thinking that the old is bad while the new is good.
This paper outlines that during the reform initiative at our workplace, the organizational transformation process was sensitive to, and honored all the past organizational successes and accomplishments, which were all attributed to the smoothness and efficiency of the previous work processes. The change agents were careful not to discard everything about the old processes as bad, especially because they are the firm foundation on which the present position of the organization was built. In this respect, past work designs and task allocation among the staff were hailed as the building blocks upon which the previous successes and accomplishments of our organization were found; as such, the change initiative started off by chatting a way forward from the existing organizational work design. The change masters observed that the prevailing work design was effective and only needed minor adjustments to make it water tight in view of the shifting global business environment because of emerging challenges and threats to business survival and profitability.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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