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Through drama, it is possible for students to learn and explore how other people feel, think and communicate. It further assists people to learn about themselves and how people perceive them. Teaching…
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Teaching foreign language through drama in education-portfolio entry
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"Teaching foreign language through drama in education-portfolio entry"

Download file to see previous pages These aspects present the advantages of using drama when teaching foreign languages (BRÄUER, 2002, p.72).
Improvising entails applying imagined situation to develop spontaneous interaction. It is essential when teaching language because it enables students to develop creativity, builds confidence to interact with each other and with the instructor, promotes communication, makes the lesson enjoyable as it allows them to relax and have fun, and improves debate and public speaking skills (BYRAM &FLEMING, 1998, p.57).
Role playing is one of the major themes in teaching as the student acts as someone else in the context of drama. Role playing is essential because it creates empathy and understanding as one is able to reflect a given issue from the perspective of others. It develops skills related to coping with conflicts and conflict management through team work. Through role playing, it is easier for students to undertake assignments that need creative and critical thinking such as news reporting (WINSTON, 2011, p.51).
This aspect of instructing languages utilizes role play and improvisation to come up with a dramatization that is aimed at a specified audience. When teaching language, play building is useful in enhancing teamwork among students, enables students to develop a sense of belonging especially when there is an inclusive learning process, promotes negotiation skills especially in matters related to consensus building, and can be used in lessons involving presentations (BYRAM &FLEMING,1998,p.77).
These arts are vital in developing creativity among language students. Students develop superb literary skills in different arenas of literature. Further, they will have sharp skills in story telling, which is essential in languages such as mastering spoken English. In addition, they are useful in developing comprehension ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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