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What effects does parental involvement have on low income families or Does parental involement have an effect on educational achievement - Annotated Bibliography Example

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It goes without saying that doing well in school can lead to greater opportunities for children to further their education and in the job market overall. However in schools in the United States, and all over the world, some students excel and achieve a great deal, while other…
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What effects does parental involvement have on low income families or Does parental involement have an effect on educational achievement
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"What effects does parental involvement have on low income families or Does parental involement have an effect on educational achievement"

Download file to see previous pages including economic demographics, genetic predispositions, overall intelligence, and social factors, like parental involvement. The latter is a fascinating element. A parent’s active involvement in their children’s schooling can have a profound positive impact. There is however, a balance that needs to be achieved; after all too much parental involvement can be detrimental, depending on how that involvement is applied. The articles reviewed for this discussion allow for a thorough and balanced perspective on the topic. These sources, as a whole, were not particularly difficult to obtain. Google search provided a number of online accessible journal sources, simply, by applying the keywords, “parental involvement and student achievement.” Combined together these sources give a broader area of research and contributes to understanding of the relevant facts and allow for an unbiased viewpoint to answer the applicable questions of this issue.
This article intended to determine how relevant parental involvement, or lack of, truly has on elementary school age children in the 1st, 3rd and 5th grades. The authors propose that, although, the immense amount of research has shown that parental involvement is imperative, hugely impactful, and should be encouraged, most research cannot say with absolutely certainty that involvement effects overall academic achievement.(El Nokali, Bachman & Votruba-Drzal, 2010) There is a definite correlation between less “bad” classroom behavior due to parental involvement and can aid in social development, but not directly on academic achievement. This article is a very interesting source. It is useful in that it approaches the correlation between parental involvement and academic achievement with a skeptical eye. Parental involvement is important and should be recommended, but it may not be a guarantor that it will ensure a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Effects Does Parental Involvement Have on Low Income Families or Annotated Bibliography.
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