A Role of Poverty in Education - Essay Example

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The paper contains the literature review which analyzes and compares the purpose of each article about the role of poverty in the determination of an elementary student’s academic achievement. The paper also identifies any mitigation methods of countering the behavior…
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A Role of Poverty in Education
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Education and Poverty
Education and Poverty
There are different major factors that poverty plays in the determination of an elementary student’s academic achievement. This trend is becoming common and has led to interest among various scholars to identify any mitigation methods of countering the behavior. Therefore, the literature review will analyze and compare the purpose of each article and their resulting contents.
According to Ladd (2012), there is lack adequate address and effective policies for the existing educational challenges hence students from poor households do not perform well. This is in contrast to pupils from privileged backgrounds.
On the other hand, calls for an overhaul of the organizational structure of the educational system through rapid changes (Kyle, 2011). For example, the author suggests more participation of teachers and family members in the school process of their children.
However, in this article, the writer talks about the influence of diversity in schools and its impacts in performance, For instance, is of the opinion that teacher quality and diversity affect the performance of students (Clayton, 2011). This is because of the rising poverty in schools of color hence making it had to dissociate performance from poverty.
On the other hand, according to Nikulina, Spatz and Czaja (2010), kids who have been neglected are vulnerable to childhood poverty. This is in the form of Posttraumatic stress Disorder (PTSD), crime in young age and effects on academic achievement.
In terms of academic achievement, Kubilius & Thompson (2010) argue that there are various existing disparities. For example, there are poor grades, high dropout rates and socioeconomic imbalances.
On the other hand, the studies from Cooper (2011) conclude that the participation of parents in the educational matters of their children lead to high performance. However, the participation varies from race to race. For instance, Hispanic and Black parents are less likely to visit their children and monitor their school than White parents. This is mostly prevalent in low-income neighborhoods
However, according to Bland (2010), even children from the urban face setbacks that interfere with their academic development. The dropout rates are almost similar to the children in the lower class. This is because they also have weaknesses in terms of academic performances.
These authors, Borman & Dowling (2010), argue that equality in most schools contributes highly to the educational standards of pupils. This is through addressing factors such as racism and poverty.
Similarly, in the context of Deluca & Rosenblatt (2010), shifting from a poor a neighborhood to a better one may lead to improvement of academic standards of the child. This is through access of more resources and efficient teachers.
On that aspect, it is imperative to foster trust in order to attain high academic achievement (Goddard & Berebitsky, 2009). This is through harmonization of the socio-economic status of poor families.
Therefore, it is fundamental for educationists, teachers and parents to urgently address the pertinent issues mentioned by the authors. For example, the contributions of parents in monitoring their children are paramount in improving academic performance. However, authors should avoid apportioning blame on inequalities because it does reflect the cause for performance decline. This would help in reforming sectors such as hospitals where performance is paramount.
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