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Discuss the view that parental attitudes to education vary WITHIN and ACROSS class. In your answer, you may consider makin - Essay Example

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Running Head: Parental Attitudes to Education Parental Attitudes to Education Parental Attitudes to Education Introduction For many decades, education has remained an imperative notion among researchers since it plays an essential role in determining whole life of an individual and thus, experts have been looking at different perspectives that can help educators in building a better education system…
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Discuss the view that parental attitudes to education vary WITHIN and ACROSS class. In your answer, you may consider makin
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Extract of sample "Discuss the view that parental attitudes to education vary WITHIN and ACROSS class. In your answer, you may consider makin"

Download file to see previous pages There is consensus among researchers that parents’ attitude is the most essential factor that determines participation of students in a school and subsequently, their school attendance. For instance, it is likely that children having parents with positive attitude are more likely to remain present in the school in comparison to the children whose parents may have a negative attitude towards education. In this regard, parents act as mediating agents that influence educational journey of a child positive or negatively. While there is consensus regarding important role of parental attitude to education, researchers have indicated that these attitudes are not same everywhere and various factors determine nature of these attitudes that vary from language, race, ethnicity, region, and most importantly, socio-economic status of a family. It is presumed by many that low socio-economic status causes negativity in attitude of parents that then affects their children’s education adversely. On the other hand, middle-class families are more likely to have a positive attitude towards education. ...
It can be sports, career, education or anything else. Studies have indicated that parental involvement plays an essential role in developing personality of an individual, and it is likely that children with parental support are more likely to manage events of their lives effectively in comparison to children who are unfortunate to have involvement of their parents. As the result, besides schooling, parental involvement and broadly, parental attitude shapes social presence of a child in the society. In the year 1983, Turnbull indicated that parents basically play four roles in lives of their children. Firstly, they act as decision-makers and when it comes to education, from the very early age till high schooling and even till graduation; parents determine and decide the field of education for their children. Secondly, parents play the role of pure parents where they take care of their children as guardians in their good as well as bad times. Thirdly, parents act as teachers since children learn more from their family members, especially parents than they do from schooling, and lastly, parents act as advocates of their children as they support them in any or every case. These four roles of parents indicate the significance that parental attitudes, especially towards education hold since variation in their attitude may change the whole scenario and journey of their children (Kroth, 1981, pp. 23-39). In this regard, while parents determine most of the important aspects of their child, it is important to explore the areas that determine parents’ attitude toward something. Experts (Tait, 1972, pp. 139-149) indicated that psychological well-being of parents is very important to determine whether their attitudes will be positive or negative towards something. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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