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Parental Styles in Interactions with Children - Coursework Example

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The following writing reveals a discussion about different parenting approaches. The paper is structured in a way of multiple questions. The featured parts include child behaviors seen with different parenting styles, children and early socialization experiences…
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Parental Styles in Interactions with Children
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Download file to see previous pages It requires more effort from the foster parents and such an arrangement is not permanent either. If the child develops a strong attachment with foster parents, he would have difficulty in transitioning to his permanent family.
According to some research, the presence of grandparents in the home along with the parents improves the healthy development of children, and often such children are found to have better reading habits as compared to children living only with parents.
Diana Baumrind presented four parenting styles, namely authoritarian, authoritative, indulgent and uninvolved ones. According to her, these characteristics differ on account of two factors: parental control and parental warmth. Authoritarian parents are high on control and low on warmth; authoritative ones are high on both factors; indulgent ones are low on control and high on warmth while uninvolved ones are low on both factors.
It is observed that adolescent mothers are often not as emotionally available and as verbally expressive as they should be. They need support from their parents as most often, fathers are absent in such cases.
The early socialization experiences have a great impact on the child’s activities later on in the life. These occur within the home mostly, and a good development of social experiences leads to the development of important neuron connections.
In the recent years, father’s interaction with children is increasing as both parents work. The role of both the mother and father differs, and this is more of a cultural factor than a biological one. Fathers, however, mostly waiting for the mothers to give direction and often mothers become gatekeepers of the children and view father’s interaction with the children with criticism. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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