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Parental Involvement Educational Outcomes - Essay Example

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Schneider, Keesler and Morlock (2010) in their article effects of family on children learning and socialisation state that the family represents the first social system where children obtain elementary cognitive and social skills that prepare them to the challenges of schooling…
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Parental Involvement Educational Outcomes
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"Parental Involvement Educational Outcomes"

Download file to see previous pages A good example provided is parental education a socio-economic status. Schneider, Keesler and Morlock state that research confirms that students whose parents completed higher education levels performed better academically. This is because the parents have set a standard for their children; therefore, children work hard to attain an equivalent of or more than their parents’ achievements. Berthelsen supports the idea that the academic achievement and social adjustments of many children depends on the parent’s expectation on the child’s academic achievement. Berthelsen states that the involvement of families and schools in a child’s academic progress guarantees higher achievements in school.
Schneider, Keesler and Morlock consider the relation between family structure and children learning. According to the authors children in single parent families most times experience negative developmental outcomes. This is due to the huge parental responsibilities burdened on the single parent. This limits the time the parent spends with the children. As a result, this affects the children’s learning and social skill. Barbara, Keesler, and Morlock explain that the emotional involvement and interaction of both parents does affect a child’s emotional growth, and cognitive development (Schneider, Keesler, and Morlock, 2010).
According to Schneider, Keesler and Morlock (2010) parental action determines a child’s cognitive and social development. The authors point that children who are securely attached to their parents or caregivers embody a sense of freedom when exploring their environment. Exploring allows a child to learn social skills, language skills and acquire a sense of responsibility On the other hand; abusive parents tend to lead their children into adopting an avoidant attachment behaviour, which prevents a child from discovering their surroundings. According to a report by Toronto public health department children who experience positive parenting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Parental Involvement Educational Outcomes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Parental Involvement Educational Outcomes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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