The Effects of Parental Involvement on Student Achievement - Research Proposal Example

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The present study aims to explore the development of students in all respects by virtue of their parents’ support. The study is intended to understand whether parent involvement in education can enhance the student achievement-socially, emotionally and academically. …
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The Effects of Parental Involvement on Student Achievement
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Extract of sample "The Effects of Parental Involvement on Student Achievement"

Download file to see previous pages The participation of parents can be formal or informal and constant or irregular. However, the most important thing is how effectively parents are participating in various educative programs/activities at home, school and in society to help children develop skill such as social, emotional and academic skills. Henderson & Berla remark that "when schools work together with families to support learning, children tend to succeed not just in school, but throughout life" (Gianzero, 1999 p.2). This overall development of students is evidenced by many studies across the world. The study does not classify the students in respect of ethnicity, race, family and financial background. All types of students and parents are included in the survey to contribute their opinions and perspectives that, the researcher thinks, is necessary to come out with unbiased and generalized conclusions. The study focuses on three aspects to empirically conclude that students' overall development is possible with parents' involvement in their education. These aspects are a social achievement, emotional achievement, and academic achievement.
As stated in the last paragraph, researchers all over the world are of the opinion that parental involvement does make positive results to students. But, little is studied and talked about the overall development of students as a result of the participation of their parents in their studies and other activities at school and home. Therefore, the present study is relevant in this context to examine whether parental involvement can contribute to the overall development of students or not. The study put emphasis on three important variables, the validation of which is the ultimate objective of the study.
The ability to socialize and communication skill is considered to be one of the key factors of success in life. Human beings are to interact with fellow beings not only to communicate with them but also to understand and empathize with them in times of their troubles.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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