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Diverse Statemnt - Essay Example

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This can be achieved through use of various learning experiences which will ensure that all diverse learners’ needs are fully attended to.
There are various…
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Diverse Statemnt
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"Diverse Statemnt"

Download file to see previous pages More so, vocabulary can be taught in different ways such as asking learners to state words beginning with given alphabetical letters, reading comprehension passages and identify new words and look up for their meanings from their context of use in relation to their dictionary meanings (Taber 13). In addition, grammar and spelling are other areas that should be adhered in teaching of English.
Students with learning difficulties or special needs learners have to be accorded with special care and methodologies if educational objectives have to be achieved. These learners can be assisted through the provision of special and differentiated instructions, encouraging group or peer learning, repeating the taught content several times, encourage learners in the areas where they are good at and present them only relevant content and leave out less important content (Taber 9).
These learners exhibit extra abilities as compared to the average learners. They are sometimes referred to as high achievers, talented or great thinkers. They are exhibited by their performance of task, high achievement in school, and are highly placed compared to the grade level learner. They are helped and taught using special methodologies, theories and procedures just like the slow learners since their pace of learning is not comparable to that of the average learners. There is an identified way of teaching these learners known as Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) or Talented and Gifted (TAG, or G/T). Learners are allowed to learn new things for themselves since they are able to digest new ideas and keep high level of motivation. They learn best through self-discovery and when experimental method of learning is applied (Taber ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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