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At-risk students attitudes toward schooling as related to achievement, attendance and bahavior - Essay Example

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By definition, at-risk students are expected to experience great difficulties with their schooling than students that do not exhibit at-risk characteristics. Numerous behavioral problems result in students being labeled at-risk. While there is research on school practices and…
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At-risk students attitudes toward schooling as related to achievement, attendance and bahavior
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"At-risk students attitudes toward schooling as related to achievement, attendance and bahavior"

Download file to see previous pages ed on the SAAS-R that records students attitudes about feelings about school, teacher relationships, the ability to do well in school, the potential for good grades and engagement in school activities and actual academic achievement, as defined by performance on the Kentucky K-Prep instrument. The study will also measure the relationship between student feelings about self and school and other non-academic factors, such as attendance and the number over recorded behavioral infractions.
The academic success of a student depends on numerous positive and negative factors. An overabundance of negative factors present in a student’s life may place them at-risk for facing a number of difficulties such as academic failure, withdrawing from school, and exhibiting certain behavioral problems that my result in a lower quality of home and school life. These risk factors can include ethnic or minority status, low socio-economic standing, and family level of education attainment. Another significant risk factor involves whether or not the student exhibits any physical, behavioral, or emotional disabilities. All of these dynamics may combine to compromise the student’s chances of receiving a quality education in a free and public school.
It is also important to consider other potential barriers to academic achievement. The risk factors here involve a student’s lack of motivation, self-perception, and the interaction that takes place between teachers and other school staff. Rollins and Valdez (2006) found that student perceptions of how they will perform in school determine their academic success. Perception is defined to include all processes associated with the recognition, transformation, and organization of sensory information (Little, 1999).
The perception theory defines perception as images that exist where and when the mind perceives them (Carr, 1918). Carr proposed that images are not the whole reality of what is seen, but reality is duration, and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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