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How Does Elementary School Teachers Attitudes Impact Students Behavior - Research Paper Example

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How Does Elementary School Teachers Attitudes Impact Students Behavior Name: Lecturer: Institution: Course: Date: Abstract The researcher offered varied literature review on the way elementary school teachers’ attitudes can impact student behaviors. The author examined varied materials in order to determine the way the attitude of teacher impacts the performance of students in elementary school…
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How Does Elementary School Teachers Attitudes Impact Students Behavior
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"How Does Elementary School Teachers Attitudes Impact Students Behavior"

Download file to see previous pages Another research conducted also revealed that the action of teachers towards students with high achievers reflected high expectations, academic demand, special privileges and better opportunities. The researcher found that gender was controlled by teachers whose perceptions towards the behavior of students revealed significant component of their scholastic judgments. It was also found positive academic results led to academic oriented behaviors, which reflected high levels of performance in schools. Lastly, it was reported that through use of TSRQ, the performance level of students varied significantly depending on the attitude of their teachers. How Does Elementary School Teachers Attitudes Impact Students Behavior Introduction Teachers play significant roles in the classroom and they manage student behaviors in order to enable them achieve their academic goals successfully. The environmental settings where successful classroom management is carried out are bound to contribute to the success of students. A number of researches have been conducted on the way elementary school teacher’s attitudes impacts student behaviors. This is because the influence of teachers’ attitudes inside and outside the classroom determines the performance of students. ...
The aim of this research is to offer varied literature review on the way elementary school teachers’ attitudes can impact student behaviors. Literature Review Varied literatures have made significant efforts of revealing the way teachers’ attitudes in the elementary school impacts student behaviors. Pelletier (2002) argues that Supportive instructors leads to less student control. A few research studies have attempted to analyze the role of the ecological settings that influence instructors to embrace autonomy supportive or controlling conducts towards students. However, many researchers have made significant steps towards revealing whether teachers create a climate, which is primarily controlling or oriented towards supporting autonomy. For instance, some higher authorities impose regulations or restrictions that determine the way teachers should control their students. The research study conducted revealed that teachers were responsible for the students’ performance from lower levels up to the high standard levels (Pelletier, 2002). Similar field research experiments were conducted and it was discovered that teachers who were externally pressured to produce better results in the learning institutions were more controlling and less effective than teacher who only helped students without controlling them. Pelletier (2002) examined the way instructors’ enthusiasm could either impact directly their coaching or arbitrate the effect between circumstantial dynamics and coaching conducts. For instance, rewarded teachers enabled students to make more errors while in an attempt of trying to employ a particular learning skill. The study research conducted observed that participants who were taught a certain skill by an extrinsically motivated teacher reported ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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