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The Impact of Communication - Essay Example

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Sharma and Patterson (2009) assert that this is achieved by use of a common language, which uses the same set of words to convey a message. The conveyance of the message is…
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The Impact of Communication
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"The Impact of Communication"

Download file to see previous pages (2003) information is transmitted from the source to a receiver through a technology gadget where the sound wave produced by a sender is caused by a diaphragm in the gadget to vibrate in an electric field. The vibrations are converted into electrical impulses, which are then transmitted to a receiver. The electrical impulses at the receiver’s end produce the vibration in the magnetic field to produce the original message (Rogers & Syenning, 2009).
Sharma and Patterson (2009) assert that wireless network does not use any form of cable but rather radio waves, for instance, cordless phones or Bluetooth headset (Chidambaram and Jones, 1993). On the other hand wired network have cables to enhance connection between devices. However the use of wired network is lower but it provides a high performance due to the fact that they used together with routers which allow them perform at a higher speed.
According to Rogers and Syenning (2009), the choice of a form of a communication depends on the activities of an individual. However, wireless communication has become the choice for all. This adoption coupled with the use of internet and technology at large has made communication easy, reliable and a life full of pleasure (Chidambaram and Jones, 2003). The advancement of communication in the United States has built a strong connection with its activities.
Chidambaram, L., & Jones, B. (2003). “Impact of communication medium and computer support on group perceptions and performance: A comparison of face-to-face and dispersed meetings.” MIS quarterly, 465-491.
Sharma, N., & Patterson, P. G. (2009). “The impact of communication effectiveness and service quality on relationship commitment in consumer, professional services.” Journal of services marketing, 13(2), ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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