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Group cohesiveness refers to the internal forces within a given number of individuals that provides the endurance to continue being members of the group. Group cohesiveness is an issue of concern to managers since they require group members to make sufficient contributions…
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MGMT438 Unit 1DB
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Group cohesiveness Group cohesiveness discussion Group cohesiveness refers to the internal forces within a given number of individuals that provides the endurance to continue being members of the group. Group cohesiveness is an issue of concern to managers since they require group members to make sufficient contributions towards different projects. According to the report issued by the sales manager of the company, there are factors that contribute to the limited cohesiveness in the group. One of the central issues affecting the cohesiveness of the group pertains to poor communication factors that limit the bond between group affiliates.
Factors leading to lack of group cohesiveness
Communication is a performance-based issue in a group activity. Communication influences the coordination of work within a group that intends to undertake a project. Communication is among the factors that elaborate the mission and objectives of a given group. Lack of effective communication strategies would limit the levels of bond and cohesiveness within a group (Lee, Kim, & Shin, 2012). Actions of the groups in relation to performance always rely on the levels of information available within the group activities. Communication limits the levels of performance and group cohesiveness since the members if the group cannot contribute to the issues of concern in relation to the activities of a particular project being solved (Lee, Kim, & Shin, 2012).
Actions towards restoring group cohesiveness
As a human resource specialist involved, I would identify the barriers to communication that exist within the groups. Identifying the barriers would imply that there would be a starting point for the scrutiny of different factors that hamper communication within the system. This analysis would also identify the points of communication breakdown as reflected within the group activities. After such identifications, researching on central methods of enhancing communication would be an additional step towards solving the problem. This would entail finding communication methods that would be consistent within the group. This involves continuity of effective communication. In order to achieve this strategy, incorporating technology is another factor that would enhance the improvements in communication. Introducing diversified communication platforms such as computer for mails and other fax machines would enhance faster spread of information within the group. This fact implies that the technological innovations would increase concerns towards effective information spread. Computer based systems would enhance smooth flow of exchange of ideas.
Lee, J.-S., Kim, T.-H., & Shin, Y.-J. (2012). The Impact of Communication and Conflict on Group Cohesiveness and Organization Effectiveness in Ship Organization. Journal of Korean Navigation and Port Research, 36, 6, 489-499 Read More
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