Process vs Product Drama in Education - Essay Example

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This article will explore the subject of process vs product drama in education under the following divisions: a historical account; the debate: process vs. product drama in education; the impact of educational drama and theatre (EDT) –the DICE project…
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Process vs Product Drama in Education
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"Process vs Product Drama in Education"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that the concepts of Process vs. Product Drama in education are eloquently and meaningfully described in detail by numerous theorists and educational drama practitioners. From Way to Heathcote to O’Toole, process and product drama are explored in order to explain intrinsic freedoms of expression of the process and meaningful designs/constructs of product and/or performance. Authors and educational drama practitioners Gustave J. Weltsek-Medina, Ph.D., Adam Blatner, MD, and Daniel Weiner, Ph.D. have written a stimulating account of the debatable, dialectic, dramatic concepts in “Interactive and Improvisational Drama; Varieties of Applied Theatre and Performance. An excerpt from the book defines Process Drama in the thought-provoking Chapter 9: Process Drama in Education: Explaining its Methods. “When one engages in Process Drama, the potential exists for a heightened sense of self-reflexivity. Process Drama is foremost a situation immersed in experiential knowledge and an experience of Living Through. Individual freedom is allowed to, not only explore ideas but to also provide the space to explore ideologies. A participant must reflect upon fictional situations and tap into her or his own set of social signifiers as a means to interpret the moment. The creation of the moment rests upon the immediate experiences of those involved as they reflect, act, and interact with one another as they live with and through the fictional moment…” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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