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Teacher Attitudes Toward Pay for Performance Incentives for Teachers - Essay Example

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In this paper, I, in response to questions about my proposed research, establish the proposed research’s validity to contributing to the ongoing debate on teachers’…
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Teacher Attitudes Toward Pay for Performance Incentives for Teachers
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"Teacher Attitudes Toward Pay for Performance Incentives for Teachers"

Download file to see previous pages Subsequent intention is to subjects’ responses to qualitative analysis in order to develop an in depth understanding of teachers’ perception on the two remuneration approaches. The developed knowledge will then be communicated to relevant stakeholders.
Research results will be communicated orally, and in writing. The compiled dissertation will be communicated orally during its initial presentation and subsequent written communication modes will include hand delivery of the dissertation’s hard copy and electronic communication of soft copies. The soft copy will be sent to each stakeholder’s mail address and a similar copy will be availed online.
Phenomenological design, through online surveys, is proposed for implementing the research. In the plan, the research will explore teachers’ experience with the remuneration approaches (Creswell, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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