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This essay describes admissions University of Queensland’s School of Business. This is because of the university’s excellent international accreditation, the opportunity to build a network while experiencing the Pacific Asian region and the location are the predominant reasons for this choice…
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University of Queensland Admissions
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University of Queensland Admissions
University of Queensland’s School of Business (“UQ”) is my preferred and number one choice for studying abroad. This is because of the university’s excellent international accreditation and real estate offerings, the opportunity to build a network while experiencing the Pacific Asian region and the location are the predominant reasons for this choice. Moreover, UQ affords the opportunity to enhance my educational goals by experiencing firsthand the Pacific Asian real estate market through unique course offerings. Hailing from a cold northern environment, UQ also affords the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of experiencing an international culture while enjoying a warm environment.
In addition, as a third year student undertaking the real estate option, this is the opportune time for me to go on an exchange program to UQ because of the unique real estate classes like REDE3202 being offered that attracts considerable international investments. Furthermore, I will have the opportunity to learn and experience the upward swing of the current real estate curve in Australia. The course packages and its time span at UQ fit well with my academic plan; hence, keeping my graduation plan on track. The benefits of taking the real estate and business classes abroad would be significant in the fact that I would be able to learn them in an English speaking global perspective, which is where I plan to utilize my real estate degree in the future. In addition to the business offerings, I can fulfill my required elective credits through the various unique and interesting UQ course offerings such as the marine biology of Australia. Overall, the University of Queensland offers the best academic environment and is the perfect fit to keep my academic progress in line.
Professionally, University of Queensland and Australia in general holds major opportunity for me to pursue international business connections and develop myself as a business executive. This is because I plan to immerse myself as much as possible into the business world to meet new people and develop connections, but most importantly to gain experience in an international business culture. I believe this global perspective will greatly enhance how I view and manage business and what I can apply back in my home country Canada. In addition, I will be able to excel in the modern dynamic business environment because of my supreme knowledge of the international business environments. Moreover, I do eventually plan to go back to Australia for either executive education or to pursue business connections that I will develop while in UQ.
Finally, on the personal level, I have always dreamed of going to Australia for a long time. The allure of its culture, the new environment and warm weather intrigues me and I have had a burning desire to gain a first-hand experience. Moreover, the stories I have heard and the people I have met from Australia while at UBC have only heightened my interest in the country and increased my desire to experience them for myself.
In conclusion, it is amazing to me that an opportunity to excel in these three major aspects of my life (academically, professionally, and personally) is available in the place I have had a childhood dreams of visiting. Therefore, University of Queensland is my number one choice and the perfect place for me to study abroad, excel in my career and as a person. Read More
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