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City University - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The author of the present essay "City University" provides the facts from his/her experience in order to become a student of the City University. As the text has it, life is filled with different events and situations which bring out the best in a person. …
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City University
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Extract of sample "City University"

Admission Essay
Life is filled with different events and situations which bring out the best in a person. Same is the case with my personality where I have consistently delivered whenever there has been a challenge thrown my way. I have risen to the challenge and come out in a very steadfast manner as far as my approach towards life in general and my tasks in meticulous are concerned. I am more than happy to give my best over a period of time and wait for the times when the rewards would be reaped automatically.
My family history is rich with works within the oil industry. We have had a solid know-how of how things work under the aegis of oil and gas. Energy development regimes thus come naturally to me as I have learned how to embed energy use with the role of environmental technology ever since I was in my childhood days. More than that I have had a stint of internships with the best known energy companies within the pertinent industry thus putting me absolutely at ease with the understanding that this field brings. I have done my B.Sc. in Finance which has taught me how to make the best use of sustainability in the wake of adversity. I have learned how to accumulate data and this has helped me enormously within my route towards eventual success.
My work at the industrial fan industry in Singapore instilled in me a sense of confidence that I would direly require for the challenges that will be coming my way in the future. I have learned how to tackle things in a good way and this will definitely assist me in breaking new grounds in the coming times. Since I am an advocate of environmental sustainability and I exactly know how the energy sector should shape up its own course within the coming times, I have come to the realization that environmental sustainability is the way to go as far as this particular field is concerned.
I have believed strongly in the premise of going green and how the color green has represented the world’s environmental happiness and related regimes. Since the people who belong to the energy industry are always in a conflict of interest situation, I know exactly where to draw the line and what I as an individual need to undertake in order to bring sanity to the prevalent realms within the world. My dream would see the light of the day when I am given admission within the City University as I envision to make my basis strong by applying to the "Energy, Environmental Technology & Economics" course. I envision success after I pass out this course with flying colors.
I am adequately sure that the people at the helm of affairs within the university would give me a strong chance to manifest my basis so that there would be no grey areas within my personality domains in the future. I look forward to getting admission at the esteemed university and thus become a part of its rich heritage. Read More
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