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KFC vs McDonalds - Essay Example

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KFC introduces itself as a company that has been ranked amongst the top 50 best places to work at all over the world for the third consecutive year, and has a clear vision for the future. Workers at KFC belong to different cultures, but the organizational culture at KFC is such that people work together like a family. …
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KFC vs McDonalds
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Extract of sample "KFC vs McDonalds"

Curriculum Vitae Personal Information Chris Wallis Address: Suite 2, Street 15, Garry Lee Park, Dublin Phone: 087 – 2437816 E-mail:
1999 – 2003
Dublin City University
Bachelors in Accounting and Finance
2004 - 2005
Dublin City University
Masters in Accounting
2005 to 2008
Financial Accountant at the Abacus Corporation
Job Responsibilities
Development of weekly management accounts
Development of statutory accounts at the end of the year
Quarterly forecasts and budgets
Evaluation of variances in budget
Liaison with auditors
Review and modification of IT routines
2008 to date
Financial Analyst at the Maniche Technologies
Job Responsibilities
Analysis of the capital expenditure projects
Management of a group of four assistants
Calculation of the IRR returns on the capital expenditure projects
Presentation of findings to the senior management
Helped the company implement cost reduction program that resulting in savings worth $500,000 on ad hoc projects.
Developed a template document to analyze the projects of capital expenditure.
Computer Skills
Microsoft Office Suite
Professional References
University / Company
Professor Andy Way
Dublin City University
Mr. Gillerie Von
Abacus Corporation
Mr. Yuva Chu
Maniche Technologies
KFC vs McDonald’s
KFC introduces itself as a company that has been ranked amongst the top 50 best places to work at all over the world for the third consecutive year, and has a clear vision for the future. Workers at KFC belong to different cultures, but the organizational culture at KFC is such that people work together like a family. There is fun and entertainment for everyone. KFC considers each and every workers an asset for the company. The individualistic opinions of the workers are listened to, which contributes to workers’ satisfaction and motivation for work. The video displayed at the website shows people working in a very happy environment. They are wearing KFC uniforms, and are shown enjoying their work. KFC invests in the workers’ training and development, which facilitates their professional growth.
McDonald’s introduces itself as an innovative company that has been introducing new and delicious food items to the customers since 1955. McDonald’s emphasizes upon the discipline and hygiene of its workers. The website clearly discusses that they need workers who can deliver excellent customer service, are punctual and disciplined, and have excellent group skills. McDonald’s presents its employees as well-dressed and good-looking, which essentially means that they are clean and dressed neatly with a wrinkle-free uniform. In addition to that, employees at McDonald’s are groomed very well. McDonald’s offers its employees training and development opportunities, and a wonderful work environment.
KFC’s website is more user-friendly as compared to the McDonald’s website. One video at the KFC website says it all whereas one has to search for different aspects of career at the McDonald’s website. Both companies offer training and development opportunities to their workers, and emphasize upon their employees’ health and safety, and association with their employees. Read More
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This essay was always my weak point. I could never finish it successfully. Still, after I found this precise essay, I understood how it should be done. So, I performed my research afterward and completed the essay in several hours, instead of days as it was previously.



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