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After completing High School, I successfully completed a number of courses in English. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have received the unstinting support of my parents in these efforts. I have been residing in Japan with my…
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University Of London
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Admission to the of London I was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1974. After completing High School, I successfully completed a number of courses in English. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have received the unstinting support of my parents in these efforts. I have been residing in Japan with my exceedingly supportive husband and two children. There has been considerable exchange of knowledge and values, between my husband and me.
Japanese culture has evolved over ages, and it depicts Asiatic, American and European influences. Language plays a major role in the Japanese culture, which shows considerable maturity and variety in painting, calligraphy, sculpture and the performing arts. Their food consumed by the Japanese is very good for health. I am interested in Japanese kanji, psychology and teaching. I have some interest in computers, music, reading, sports and skiing. In Japan, I am actively engaged in teaching English to children and adults. I have been a pedagogue for the past four years. Teaching English has proved to be my true vocation in life, and I find this activity extremely satisfying. In addition, my pupils and their parents have depicted keen interest and satisfaction with my work.
This overwhelming response from my students and their parents motivated me to better my knowledge and teaching skills. Consequently, I made a thorough search of the various courses offered by the different universities. My location in Japan compelled me to seek out a distance education programme. Due to my personal commitments, it is imperative that I teach in school. Therefore, it is well nigh impossible for me to undertake scholastic studies, as a day scholar. This proved to be a further inducement to undertake a distance education program.
Teaching is a noble profession, and every teacher has the golden opportunity of moulding the future citizens of the world. A good teacher can definitely improve the society of the future, and an exemplary teacher can certainly engender momentous transformation.
My efforts to improve my professional status bore fruit, and I came across the Distance Education Programme of the London University. This programme, with a one and a half century vintage, is not only the oldest but indisputably the best in its genre, in the world. Accordingly, I decided upon undertaking the Diploma in English course at this veritably venerable university. This course teaches the analysis and comprehension of intricate literary passages and works, dating from the middle ages to the present. I am certain that my knowledge of computers and other analytical subjects has provided me with the wherewithal to undertake the logical analysis of complex literary passages.
In the early stages of my life, I had been a laggard in my studies. My association with my husband and my students has brought about a transformation for the better. This change has induced me to better myself, in the field of education. Moreover, it has always been my intention to provide my offspring with a truly impressive example of parenthood. In my humble opinion, a teacher is one of the most important members of society. My efforts as a teacher have already had substantial favourable influence on my children. I am extremely interested in teaching English, and this activity has emerged as the passion of my life. The diploma course offered by the London University, will bestow considerable knowledge and skill upon me, and will be of immense assistance in realizing my unswerving objective, namely, teaching English. In addition, to teaching, I have a proclivity for psychology. This has been of immense use in my chosen profession of teaching. It has been my experience that a good teacher is also a good psychologist. Read More
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