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Development of Health Care - Essay Example

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In the post II World War Britain, when the Labour clinched a landslide victory under Prime Minister Clement Attlee, it had before it the awesome and intimidating task of rebuilding a shattered and battered nation. As far as the state of employment in the UK was concerned, it wryly enjoyed a situation of full employment with most of the young men serving in the army and a great number of women employed in the factories (Donnelly 1999)…
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Development of Health Care Essay
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"Development of Health Care"

Download file to see previous pages The masses were clamouring for food and shelter and most of the resourceful squatters took over the abandoned military barracks. The young men relieved of army duty were to face a hopeless situation defined by abject shortage and brooding unemployment (Pope 1991). All the resources and professionals being dedicated to the War efforts; the education system had crumbled and needed immediate attention (Pope 1991). Civic amenities were far from being sufficient and suitable and the poor simply could not afford the cost of health care and hygiene (Pope 1991). The release of Beveridge Report under such circumstances marked the ushering in of an idea that was badly needed and required. This report smacked of an unwavering spirit of national altruism and intended to attack the looming menaces of unemployment, lack of hygiene, ignorance, disease and poverty. The masses were intrinsically aware of the massive scope of this report is amply testified by the fact that more then 600,000 copies of it were sold all across the UK (Timmins 1995).
The II World War inculcated within the British masses a spirit of unity and cohesion that defied all pecuniary and educational differences (Stevenson 1990). In fact such an unprecedented unity was necessary to defeat the Nazi Germany, given its vast resources and might. The British masses willingly bore with the hardships, scarcity and want imposed by the coalition government under Winston Churchill to divert the scarce resources to war efforts. The politicians and the leadership of the times felt a dire need to reward the British working class for its forbearance and sacrifice by ushering in reforms that were to give way to a more egalitarian society (Stevenson 1990).
The UK government deputed Sir William Beveridge to draft a report that was to be the basis of a pragmatic policy targeted at helping low-income groups in Britain (Hills, Ditch & Glennerster 1994). The report furnished by Beveridge in December 1942 proposed that all the working age citizens ought to be made to pay a weekly levy. The funds accumulated through the accrual and management of these weekly contributions were to be used by the state to help people who were needy unemployed or retired. Beveridge called for a minimal standard of living that was to be mandatorily extended by the state to all the poor and needy. The Labour government elected in 1945 resorted to the suggestions made by the Beveridge Report to chalk out measures that were to form the basis of a modern welfare state (Hills, Ditch & Glennerster 1994).
The concept of a welfare state includes within its ambit the need to resorting to public and statutory measures to extend the agreed upon minimal standards of living to the deprived and marginalized individuals and groups across the society. In an ideal scenario, the objective of any welfare state is to strive to eradicate poverty, to ensure an all-inclusive distribution of resources and national wealth to promote and enhance social cohesion and unity. In consonance with the above-mentioned ideals, the Beveridge exclusively attacked the evils of ill health, lack of education, lack of hygiene, unemployment and poverty ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Development of Health Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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