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This report focuses on the understanding of the “adoption of an algorithm and client pathway for the aged and disabled that has significant implications for the health and human service sectors thus reflecting the new developments in the health care systems” (Hewitt,…
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New Development in Health care
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Sur 4 October New Development in Health Care Introduction: This report focuses on the understanding of the “adoption of an algorithm and client pathway for the aged and disabled that has significant implications for the health and human service sectors thus reflecting the new developments in the health care systems” (Hewitt, Polansky, Day, Field & Moore, 64).
Development in health care:
According to researches if delivery of health services is standardized for aged and disabled people with the help of algorithm and client pathway, NJ DACS, then it provides a reasonable process that can be used as a model for training in delivery of health services. The algorithm system has been found to facilitate decision making. This developmental technique is a part of ADRC or Aging and Disability Resource Center. The client pathway deals with care management of patients. It describes the activities that are crucial to the development of health services (Hewitt, Polansky, Day, Field & Moore, 64-70).
A combined process including both the algorithm and the client pathway enables the training programs to circulate any complicated alterations in the process or services provided by a health care organization. It includes the extensive use of the advanced technological software as well. Implications on training have resulted from this development that is reflected in that the algorithm is capable of providing with an outline of activities necessary to be followed and maintain standard functions towards serving the aged and disabled people. The best training facilities are obtained that follow particular rules and policies (Hewitt, Polansky, Day, Field & Moore, 77-80).
From the study conducted on the development in health care, it can be concluded that the integration of the algorithm and client pathway is capable of addressing the health benefits issues of the aged and disabled people and hence determines one of the new measures in the development of health care.
1) Hewitt, Anne M., Polansky, Patrica A., Day, Nancy, Field, Nancy & Alice Moore. “Adoption of an Algorithm and Client Pathway for the aged and disabled: Training Implications for the Health and Human Service Sectors”, Journal of Health & Human Services Administration, (2011), 34.1, 64-84, October 4, 2011 from: Read More
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New Development in Health Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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