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Political Philosophy, Values, and Ethics - Essay Example

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Name P. O. Box 34256-1300, Miami, Florida. July 8, 2013. To, Denise Grimsley Florida State Legislature, 402 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300. Dear Sir, Re: Political Philosophy, Values and Ethics I am writing to give you insight on the current status of our nurses in the Florida State, how their duties have been mistaken for ages and how this should be rectified…
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Political Philosophy, Values, and Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages Critics of the article, Bekemeier & Butterfield (2005), came up with their own publication for and against some of the views of ANA’s article.. I agree with the authors that the nursing practice should be politicized in order to prevent health care from fully developing into a market-based endeavor. The health of a community is the key to its progression, and as the authors find, nurses are more connected to community than people could ever imagine. Therefore, if we take this topic into consideration, we do not only stand to save the community for poor health statues, but also support their progression and also the development of health care and nursing practice. Kindly go through my paper to see the importance of this. Yours Truly, Name Political Philosophy, Values and Ethics According to Bekemeier & Butterfield (2005), the American Nurses Association (ANA) documents “Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements, Nursing's Social Policy Statement and Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice” offer a vague, inconsistent and shallow conceptualization of social justice. The authors also argue that the documents do not present a sufficient framework for nurses to tackle underlying issues, which affect health outcomes. In spite of extensive references to the significant role of nursing in social reform, the American Nurses Association’s documents unreservedly reinforce nursing practice directed to the individual nurse-patient affiliation and offer short shrift to treatment models, which endorse wide systems change aimed at improving health (Allen, 1987). According to Bekemeier & Butterfield (2005), apolitical nursing commands are incongruent with the structure in which nurses practice these days. The author think that people should refer to it as caring when they provide emotional and technical support to patients who are afterwards discharged to face dispossession in the wider civilization. In accepting the political nature of nursing practice and notion, nurses have a chance to challenge the belief of neutral caring (Allen, 1987). Nurses make each and every act a political act as they practice in communities, with their patients, as well as among normal citizens. Nursing actions derived from an institutionalized replica of powerful traditional, sales-driven paradigms and objectivities from multifaceted problems should be political (Bekemeier & Butterfield, 2005). Available, as well as consistent language, in the United States’ nursing documents and anywhere else can, nevertheless, validate socially just actions, which create new opportunities and meaning for nurses, supporting nursing leadership in acting on fundamental matters that affect people's health. Nursing guidance and standards in any country should center on illuminating roles for nurses to successfully challenge political structures that oppress. Accepting a critical paradigm allows nurses us to see how knowledge and their privileged positions as witnesses can be utilized for social change. This can expand also roles for nurses to legally take part in political activism in their professional lives and practice settings. Bekemeier & Butterfield (2005) acknowledge that racial fairness, worldwide peace, reproductive freedom, as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Political Philosophy, Values, and Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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