The Importance of Learning Language - Essay Example

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This essay encompasses the idea of the importance of learning languages. Thus, it is stated that a language is an important tool for communication that facilitates academic learning and additionally, contributes to the better cross-cultural understanding. …
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The Importance of Learning Language
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Language is important tool for communication that facilitates academic learning and cross cultural understanding. For foreign and workers, the knowledge of English helps to overcome the language and cultural barrier and achieve their objectives with ease. For tourists and travellers, skill in the language helps to communicate and learn new things about the countries. Indeed, when I had come from Somalia at the age of six years, I had no knowledge of the English language. The supplementary classes in English had greatly helped me to acclimatize and become comfortable in new environment. Its proficiency not only helped me to become part of mainstream society but also facilitated in acquisition of academic and professional qualifications. My professional degree in Pharmaceutical Science was made possible only because of my expertise in English language.
I want to teach English to foreign travellers and students. Though constructively employed in healthcare industry since 2007, I feel the need to share my experience and make communication easier for people whose mother tongue is not English. CELTA or Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language is initial teaching qualification for people with little or no prior teaching experience. I have been volunteering at community centre where I help ESOL teacher with her class. I really enjoy helping her in teaching adults. It has revealed my natural talent for teaching as I am easily able to connect with people from diverse background. As a certified CELTA teacher, I would be able to help more people, especially travellers and foreign tourists, to overcome their language barrier and enjoy different culture with better understanding. I therefore, believe that CELTA would help me to achieve my broader goals and objectives of life. (words: 284) Read More
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