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Learning another language - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Professor: Date: Learning another Language Introduction It is a common perception that learning a second language causes internal confusion and hinders the brain development. However this is not a realistic idea because learning increases the brain capacity and broadens the exposure of one’s mental capabilities…
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Learning another language
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Download file to see previous pages There are hundreds of languages in the world and it is quite impossible to learn every language which is spoken within the planet. Why to learn other language? Many people are leaned to learn other language for the sake of their personal interest while others are required in official sense. Study of language and translation has gained international and globalized importance since the time from when international trade has grabbed vital and significant importance. People throw their competitive edge by gaining command on the communication. Communication is the key to success in each transaction when we talk about business. Many traders are interested to have transactions with the people who know their language. For this purpose the people who need to be indulged in foreign transactions prefer to learn the languages of their interest. Some business men never let it spare to know about the other party’s language and they only accept the deals from those who are alike in communication. In this sense, learning a second language can aid the individuals in actively participating in economic activity. Through learning the other languages, we can actively communicate with others at international level for various purposes (Ellis, 22). The other mean to lean other languages is for academic purposes. For instance, people who aspire to study in the world class universities are required to learn their languages. For example whenever a foreigner applies in any university of UK or Australia, they ask for IELTS qualifying certificate. Similarly, many countries in Europe like Germany, Italy and France are rigid about their languages. They seldom accept any admission application with the certificate of the concerned language. Rigidity about language comes up because of the fear of cultural amalgamation. The people do not want to be merged with other so that they do not allow anyone else to bring their own practices at their place. The most practical example is about Walmart when they started their business in Germany. Walmart is an international stores’ chain with headquarter in USA. Walmart was badly hatred by the locales just because they were not complying with the German culture. The main mistake done by the American chain was the language; they did not adopt German language. They were inclined to sustain their own identity because of international recognition (American Linguistic Society). Another constraint to learn second language is for international communication. Since English has been recognized as an international language and every piece of documentation at upper level is commenced in English. For the people who live in other than English countries, English is a second language but they need to learn the language for the sake of their personal interests (Ellis, 32). Advantages of Learning a Second Language There are several benefits of learning a second language which are explained by Sociologists and several Psychologists. A second language can help a person to broaden his or exposure about the outer world. No doubt, learning another language is the most difficult task of the world but it is a task which can only be completed by talented people. Psychology states that second language can be learnt by the people who have significant intelligence quotient. Without this, a person cannot remain successful to gain full command over a language. It is a continuous learning and continually developing process. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning Another Language Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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