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Considering the individuality of every student, each of them learn and explore new things according to the conceptual framework from which they perceive and discover things. Some students…
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Journal - wk2
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Understanding the different styles of learning is just as important as learning itself. Considering the individuality of every each of them learn and explore new things according to the conceptual framework from which they perceive and discover things. Some students find it easier to learn through visuals; hence, they are most efficient in absorbing facts through visuals or by watching. Other types of learning are auditory and kinaesthetic.
In order to become a highly effective teacher, it is imperative to consolidate the various learning styles into his or her teaching strategies, which is crucial in reinforcing students who prefer each type of learning. Visual, kinaesthetic, and auditory learning styles provides opportunity for the students in that it helps them to attach with, absorb, and recall information being handed over. While it is rather tricky and confusing to vary teaching approaches to serve each student’s learning preference, changing and shifting the method in which teaching is being carried out bring about positive upshots in that it reduce the possibility for the students to get a bit lost, unfocused, and unfastened with the material or information.
Considering the fact that each student could only retain information that they individually conceived and developed, it is therefore effective to draw on the pre-existing knowledge of the student. This will improve the student’s understanding over the same information. Although is very possible that each student could have no prior knowledge about a particular information, the introduction of new concepts could be easily inculcated to their thoughts with the help of the different learning styles. Read More
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Journal - Wk2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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