To Investigate whether Different Leadership Styles are Preferred in Different Industries, and If So, Why - Essay Example

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To Investigate Different Leadership Styles are Preferred in Different Industries Table of Contents Introduction 4 Literature review 5 Research Design 9 Literature review 9 Archival Research 10 Focus Group 11 Large Scale Questionnaire 11 Sampling 12 Methodology 13 Presentation of findings 14 Practical and Ethical Issues 14 Limitation 15 Plan and Timetable Activities 16 Reference 17 Bibliography 20 Appendix 1 21 Questionnaire: Investigating the Preference of Leadership Styles 21 Appendix 2 25 Focus Group Session 25 Appendix 3 26 27 Introduction The purpose of this research is to identify the effects of autocratic and democratic leadership styles in both manufacturing and educational organisatio…
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To Investigate whether Different Leadership Styles are Preferred in Different Industries, and If So, Why
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Download file to see previous pages Apart from this the effect of these leadership styles on the organisations will also be examined. The research focuses on the issue of employee retention and motivation. The impacts of different leadership styles on the organisation have been detected in the research. This research will help the organisations to implement better leadership styles to attain better results. Though this research has been conducted based on specific industry but it has a broader application and can be put into effect in context to other industries as well. The research has conducted literature review to highlight the issue in context to autocratic and democratic leadership styles. Literature review is followed by the research design which includes sampling and the methodology process. The research then evaluates the practical and ethical issues related to the autocratic and democratic leadership styles. Finally plan and the time table activities were covered in the research. ...
Further leadership styles are required to adapt to the changing organisational environment (Joshi, 2009, p. 68). It is difficult to vote for or against a particular leadership style. Every leadership style is unique in itself. It all depends on the leaders, who apply these different styles of leadership in an organisation (Cooper, 2009, p. 4). Depending on the way different leaders employs their ability, many researchers have found two main leadership styles, the autocratic and the democratic (Kocher, Pogrebna & Sutter, 2009, p. 1). The study on leadership reveals that leadership is an important aspect in fostering passion, imagination, purpose amongst the people. The leadership holds the key to success for an organisation. It is the leadership quality of a leader which makes a big difference in creating right opportunities for the organisation. Leadership also helps to enhance the productivity amongst the employees which otherwise benefits an organisation. Few studies reveal that leaders are in control of rewards and punishments and the interpersonal relationship which has a direct impact on the employee’s behaviour and thereby influences the motivational factor of the employee to a large extent. The effect of leadership style has a greater magnitude as the influence on a single employee gradually impacts the whole group (Warrick, n. d, p. 155). Leadership is based on certain characteristics which have evolved over the time. These characteristics which define the importance of leadership in an organisation can be discussed below: Leadership is based upon mutual understanding between the leader and the follower. The value of leadership holds no place without the followers. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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