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Leadership Styles in United Kingdoms Industries - Research Proposal Example

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The author of this paper "Leadership Styles in United Kingdoms Industries" provides different leadership styles, each with distinct leadership qualities that suggest specialization among leaders. Admittedly, the work environment, based on situational leadership, influences applicable leadership styles…
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Leadership Styles in United Kingdoms Industries
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Extract of sample "Leadership Styles in United Kingdoms Industries"

Download file to see previous pages The style further requires no tangible initiatives (Ledlow and Coppola 2013, p. 73). Transformational leadership, however, identifies simulations, could be suitable for industries with technical applications, and associated change target not only followers but also the organizations (Ricketson 2008, p. 18; Lussier and Achua 2009, p. 354). Transactional leaders are however going getters who inspire followers towards set targets (Bertocci 2009, p. 48). The approach has such factors as rewards and punishment and may not be suitable for sensitive industries that also focus on quality rather than quantity (Daenzer 2009, p. 40). The health care industry is an example in which the style may lead to mistakes that may threaten lives from resultant services.
The research is organized into five sections. The first section offers background information into the study, rationale, and objectives. The second section reviews the literature on the subject and identifies the knowledge gap while the third section discusses the study’s methodology. The fourth section will offer results while the fifth section will discuss the results and offer its implications.
Situational Leadership II model offers the basis for the proposed study. According to the model, the ability to manage a relationship between leaders and a follower determines leadership success and identifies the role of the environment to dictate leadership styles. The difference in environments, based on industries and associated scopes of work, then suggests a situational approach to leadership based on industries (Pitman 2009, p. 207; Blanchard 2009, p. 182). According to the model, the need for support and direction, that may vary by both industry and organization develops the need for situational leadership. “Delegating leadership style” and self-reliance are for example suitable for organizations that environments that require limited support and direction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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