Building types emerging in 19th century britain - Essay Example

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Name: Lecturer: Course: Institution: Date: A Critical analysis of Ancient Architecture This essay is an analysis of two major buildings in todays United Kingdom. They make up attractive landmarks due to their urbane, state of the art structures and architecture…
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Building types emerging in 19th century britain
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"Building types emerging in 19th century britain"

Download file to see previous pages Another major reason for the coming up buildings in the 19th century is the advancement towards development of better hygienic standards. The ‘Great Stink’ led to the development of major buildings and structures in Britain. In the 19th century Britain witnessed some industrial expansions. This was influenced by the increase in the middle class, who increased the demand for goods and services thus creating a platform for the emergence of new business ideas. The improvements in the business sector fuelled the improvement in the trade sector. Quoting from theKogan communications (2008) the trade sector returns improved from 28.7 to 52 million pounds from 1809 to 1839. Ranging from the sea and railway sector, the country experienced major trade boosts. Notably, Britain lagged behind in the motor vehicle industry since most of the vehicles were propelled by horses, less self-driven vehicles were available. Therefore the slow development in the sector led to the improvement of the other transport industry and mainly the railway sector. As a result the textile, manufacturing, metalwork and mining industries grew, since the transportation industries provided a means of ferrying the raw materials. The French revolution influenced the major changes in Britain, since the British leadership was afraid of the influence that the revolution would course to the country. The Oxford University Museum of Natural History is designed using neo-Gothic architecture. Located in Parks road, Oxford, England, the institution was built as a supporting educational center housing various lecture halls for the university. The museum was built to concentrate the various facilities of teaching which were spread out through the various colleges located in the city of Oxford. Notably, Britain initially practiced agriculture, with 2 million out of the 15.75 million in the field, but with changing times the people diversified to industrialization thus there was a need of structures to house this industries and train individuals to achieve the required skills. Most of this changes were triggered by the policies made by the house of Commons. Britain underwent several political changes with various political movements developing, and activists taking initiatives to represent the interests of the citizens. Thus additional buildings were required.During the 19th century Britain’s population increased briskly. Half the population lived in the urban centers and in order to provide sufficient housing for the increasing population, new buildings had to be built. OxfordMuseum’s structure was influenced by John Ruskin who believed that the building should be designed and influenced by the natural world . The designing of the museum was done by two architects namely; ThomasNewenham Dean, of an Irish origin and Benjamin Woodward. During the Industrial Revolution the Christian Socialist managed to convince the workers to organize themselves to achieve economic independence, thus twenty eight people organized themselves and started businesses. The same ideology is reflected when Henry Acland who worked in the Anatomy Museum, in line with ensuring independence and achievement, advocated for the construction of the museum to aid the students and the public in learning more about science and making scientific findings. Dean and Woodward won the tender due to their prowess as portrayed in the building of the Trinity College Museum, in Dublin ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Building Types Emerging in 19th Century Britain Essay.
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