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The importance of listing and conserving historic buildings - Essay Example

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However, certain historic buildings are unique deserving special importance both nationally and internationally. This has led to the emergence of various heritage protection teams for identifying such special buildings for…
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The importance of listing and conserving historic buildings
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Download file to see previous pages The fight to save particular buildings or groups of buildings is not the fancy of some impractical antiquarian. It is part of the battle for the sane use of all our resources. The visible link with the past that old buildings give us is important both as a fascinating insight into history and as an expression of the relative permanence of civilized society. Conservation to the architect and public alike is not a fad, fetter or curse: it is a necessity which should also be seen as a stimulating challenge.
The built heritage being an irreplaceable and finite resource deserves dedicated protection for the enjoyment of current and future generations (Maintenance and Repair, n.d.). Buildings possess artistic, technological, cultural and emotive significance not only to individuals but also to the public at large (Maintenance and Repair, n.d.). The loss of buildings of architectural or historic significance is a matter of public interest and is hence considered to be a national threat (Maintenance and Repair, n.d.). Historic buildings following the law of nature are exposed to decay making it certain that certain buildings are facing the risk of falling into disrepair or becoming redundant (Maintenance and Repair, n.d.). However, through proper maintenance such buildings can be made to survive to be witnessed and cherished by many generations (Maintenance and Repair, n.d.). The cost involving regular maintenance and repairs is less (Maintenance and Repair, n.d.). However, constant neglect will only deteriorate the condition (Maintenance and Repair, n.d.). Apathy or deliberate ignorance will only make things out of control and beyond the financial reach of owners (Maintenance and Repair, n.d.).
Though modern published figures by the heritage sector indicate more popularity of history and heritage than ever before, some of our most cherished historic buildings at the very heart ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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