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In this modern era where one has to make a tremendous amount of effort to come at par with the ever changing scenario, the mental growth and development of a person begins at home at a very tender age. The pace of this growth is large as compared to past few decades. For the…
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Leading in Teaching, Learning and Mentoring Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Moving onwards to the role of a teacher as a leader in the educational settings, it can be further elucidated by considering the major roles of a teacher leader as explained by Harrison and Killain (2007). Through their work, they have emphasized the role a teacher can play in the lives of their pupils both by working along with his colleagues and also himself directly. Some of them include role of a teacher as a;
Participative leadership- through which the teacher leader himself becomes a part of the change being brought about and is in a better position to collaborate with his fellows in achieving a set target
A teacher leader is different from a school leader. He enjoys authority and power of a more expanded nature. Through formal and informal efforts, a teacher leader can collaborate with his colleague and even the head of the institution for the betterment of the educational setup.
While in the work environment, a number of incidences are encountered which further strengthen the statement that a teacher plays the role of a leader. Two of such cases are elaborated in the subsequent paragraphs.
I had the opportunity to work in Meadow High School and teach autistic children with special needs. During my stay there as a teacher, I came across the ways in which these children were being dealt with. While some of them were commendable, I found certain aspects of interaction and teaching lacking there. The school plans and teaches to a mainly primary model which prepares the student for an entry level qualification, although there are opportunities for the students to gain GCSE’s and A levels if the students are able to do so. In recent years the needs of students have become more complex as was witnessed by me during my interaction students which all had Autism of a moderate to complex level.
‘Autism is one of the most common developmental disabilities in the world, affecting approximately 1 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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