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Learning and Development (HRM) Managing Training Operations in Training Department - Essay Example

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[Title] [University] [Instructor Name] Training is used to bring the employees to the current status of the required skills and intellectual level. There are a number of methods through which training can be done. In this case the training methods used and the problems that were faced and the kind of learning that took place were discussed…
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Learning and Development (HRM) Managing Training Operations in Training Department
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Extract of sample "Learning and Development (HRM) Managing Training Operations in Training Department"

Download file to see previous pages By employing this kind of method for training, the training department can cut down costs of hiring an external trainer to do so. The coaching/mentoring method that is being used here is one of the most efficient and easiest of imparting training to the employees, while having no loss faced by the usual traffic of work. In this method a trained senior officer is attached to the trainee, this way the trainee can get hold of his own mistakes and learn from the teachings of the trainer. In this case study, we can see that the intended trainee is attached with the senior trainer, who ends up getting those technical courses. This is although a slow method, but it produces better results than other kind of training. Through this kind of training the trainee grasps the ropes of the trade far more easily and as well as realistically because the person is attached to the experts and there can learn very easily as you are getting the training through practitioners themselves. In this case the trainees gain a hand on experience as to what is right and what is wrong, what should be avoided while imparting training and what tactics and techniques to be used to make the training more affective. The best way to learn about anything is to learn through the practical application of the thing and here the trainers get that experience by being attached to a senior trainer, this will help them observe the way they are giving out training and help them in realizing the key points, that should be taken care of while giving the training. This method is a slow method of training personnel, but in this case it is the most suitable method that the company can use. The other types of training methods are case study method, briefing, in basket training, job instructions training and the job rotation. All these training methods are very subjective sort of methods, while coaching and mentoring can prove to be quite helpful as it would be by far the most practical approach to guide the trainers to be trained for the more technical courses. Such practice will also help create a level of equality among the trainers with respect to the choice of courses and the freedom to select any course that they want rather than doing the one that is left for them. This method is also cost effective as the company does not need to hire extra trainers or other equipments that will facilitate the training process. The coaching and mentoring method will prove to be more useful because the trainees will be able to get hold of the subject quite easily. It is mentioned in the case that the trainees are handed over the materials in advance so that they can prepare for the class. They are given three days to prepare and apply their own learning as trainers to look for innovative ideas, The training that is being imparted here is in-house and work-specific, which means that the training is being done to improve the skill sets of the employees and to enhance the level of understanding. Work specific training are usually skill up gradation techniques as the trainees here possess skills to impart training the only thing that they lack is the prowess to handle the technical training course which was generally avoided by them. Word count: 597 1.1 How are different learning styles taken into account? According to the case the model that has been applied is the learning style model by David Kolb, the approach that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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