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The Value of Simulated Flight Training as Seen by Pilots Flying Corporate Aircraft - Research Paper Example

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This paper tells that regardless of the diversity of options that are being offered today in simulation training, it is the effectiveness of this training, a factor that needs to be constantly followed and evaluated in order to get the most out of the crews taking advantage of this training tool…
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The Value of Simulated Flight Training as Seen by Pilots Flying Corporate Aircraft
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Extract of sample "The Value of Simulated Flight Training as Seen by Pilots Flying Corporate Aircraft"

Download file to see previous pages The research of the hypothesis was based on the fact that companies were not getting any feedback from their crews undertaking simulated training which may lead to hints for further improvement. This study followed a descriptive research design with the distribution of a survey that yielded some valuable data which points towards the direction and scope for improvement in the existing system of simulator assisted training of pilots. In order to be highly operative in today’s corporate aviation business, big corporations spend significant amounts of money each year to train their pilots. Besides, to become cost-effective, aeronautical authorities and flight training providers also invest heavily in training. Throughout the world, many millions of dollars are spent annually on training, yet only a very low percentage of this huge investment is spent on research and development to make training more effective. With so little investment in training development, it is important that this type of study and the relevant research and development made throughout, receive the highest possible acceptance on behalf of the operational and safety levels of the corporate flight departments.  Simulated flight training has significantly improved the operational and safety levels of the companies utilizing business aircraft during the last twenty years.  All of the major international flight-training providers have created programs that can be tailored to any type of company or almost any type of scenario, and are committed to delivering new training features as technology advances. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Value of Simulated Flight Training As Seen by Pilots Flying Research Paper)
The Value of Simulated Flight Training As Seen by Pilots Flying Research Paper.
“The Value of Simulated Flight Training As Seen by Pilots Flying Research Paper”, n.d.
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