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The author of the essay "Flight Simulator" accentuates that simulation is reality existing virtually. It involves representing some main features or actions of a chosen physical or conceptual structure. Simulation is used in various forms, comprising of the modeling of natural systems. …
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Flight Simulator
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Artwicks company certified Microsoft a version of Flight Simulator known as Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.00 in 1982 (Grupping, 2007).
The Microsoft Flight Simulator gives its users the realistic experience of flying a plane. The aviation industry is making great use of the system for design and development and by training pilots and other flight deck crews in both military and civil aircraft (Anonymous, 2005).
The newest versions, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X, gratify pilots, would-be pilots, and individuals who had dreamt of being pilots in a similar fashion. While playing these, the new users can be frustrated due to its reality-based complex and difficult nature. But it can be rewarding for those who are skilled flight simmer. The latest versions also include enhanced weather simulation, alongside the ability to download real-world weather data and diverse air traffic environments with interactive Air Traffic Control, player-flyable aircraft, interactive lessons and challenges, and finally aircraft checklists. Furthermore, there is the availability of, both free and commercial upgrades and add-ons for flexibility and scope (Lackey, 2008). Read More
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Flight Simulator Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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