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Art And Design And The Acquisition Of Knowledge In Other Subjects - Essay Example

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The paper "Art And Design And The Acquisition Of Knowledge In Other Subjects" explores the effectiveness of art and design in teaching other subjects, in schools. Their application has the potential of increasing a students’ understanding of other subjects better…
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Download file to see previous pages The introduction of art and design culture in the education system is one of President Obama’s proposals for the transformation of the U.S. education system (Seidel 2005, P.91). This became apparent when he stated in his campaign website that apart from instilling students with skills in math and science, they also need other skills that would enable them to become more competitive in the world market according to Seidel (2005, P.91). In connection to this, he argued that the U.S. education system should enhance the ability of students to think creatively through meaningful arts education (Seidel 2005, P.91). In this regard, President Barrack Obama and his Vice Joe Biden believe that art is key to effective learning and teaching in schools. A similar strategy is being advocated for in the U.K. as a way of increasing creativity and skill-based learning in the U.K. education system. This paper explores the effectiveness of art and design in teaching other subjects, in schools.
With globalization, the world has become technology savvy, accompanied by visual art. In fact, research shows that the U.K youths spend at least three hours watching videos, televisions, using a computer, or playing video games (Perkins 1994, p.17-18). The technological advancement is also advancing very fast which needs creativity and high skills in order to keep up with the digital revolution. As a result, schools are encouraged to strengthen visual arts education as a key content area in all subjects to help students become more skillful and knowledgeable in the visual age. It is reported that the education culture of the U.K. has mainly stressed the ability of a student to put something in words (Perkins 1994, p.17-18). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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