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How Does the Vocabulary Shape What Humans Can Know - Essay Example

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The paper "How Does the Vocabulary Shape What Humans Can Know?" proves vocabulary is responsible for enhancing, edifying and modifying the knowledge through revision and re-learning. Vocabulary cannot in itself bring about knowledge. The ways of knowing: the reason, perception, and language - act as catalysts for the enhancement of vocabulary…
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How Does the Vocabulary Shape What Humans Can Know
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Extract of sample "How Does the Vocabulary Shape What Humans Can Know"

Download file to see previous pages The claim that the vocabulary we have does more than communicate our knowledge and that it actually shapes what we can know is simply a major showcase of the power of vocabulary acquisition and the power of it thereof. Indeed, there is no denying the fact that vocabulary plays important roles across the learning hemisphere and in the acquisition of knowledge. It is even important to ask whether it is possible to acquire any form of knowledge in the absence of vocabulary. This question is posed because knowledge acquisition comes through learning and learning is impossible in the absence of effective communicating. Meanwhile, communication is one of the important processes of learning. To say that vocabulary does more than communicate our knowledge is indeed an admission that knowledge may be acquired from external sources but it takes vocabulary to make that knowledge manifest. This is what those who hold the school of thought that knowledge can be acquired without vocabulary say to counter the claim that vocabulary is the ultimate tool in knowledge acquisition. However, the following pieces of major claims that touches on three major ways of knowing and four major areas of knowledge will help in arriving at a conclusion that vocabulary indeed is responsible for knowledge acquisition and moreover responsible for organizing, formulating and structuring the knowledge we acquire so that knowledge is used in the right concept. This is because, without the rightful use of knowledge acquired, knowledge acquisition may be as irrelevant as it was not acquired.   Vocabulary is diverse
Vocabulary does more than communicating our knowledge because vocabulary is diverse. To say vocabulary is diverse does not necessarily mean that there are many vocabularies. Rather, it means that vocabulary comes in different forms and is applied in many different ways. It is for this characteristic of vocabulary that makes it possible for vocabulary to make it able for a person to acquire knowledge across several areas of knowledge and subjects of study. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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