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Language development in animals and humans - Research Paper Example

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Modern science explains that a human being is different from other species of the animal world and is unique because it is the only creature able to speak the…
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Language development in animals and humans
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Download file to see previous pages Language acquisition presupposes development of four key language skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. According to the today’s psychological theories, the native language (together with the second one, in case of bilingualism) is developed completely in the years of childhood, while foreign languages are mastered during the entire lifetime.
Research Purpose: The development of language in humans is important to study because of practical reasons, such as languages studying and teaching and increasing of efficiency of these processes, and from the theoretical perspective to understand why this phenomenon is observed only in human beings and how it distinguishes a human being from other species of the animal world.
Use of the above mentioned research method makes it possible to give the results of the literature studying in terms of language development from psychological point of view. To better understand the results of the studies it is necessary to give short definitions of general concepts, such as language and language development.
It is possible to give such definition of a language: “an organized system of arbitrary signals and rule-governed structures that are used as a means for communication”. (Brandone, Salkind, Hirsh-Pasek 2006). Everyday life of modern society is impossible without language, because it is necessary to exchange information in order to support functioning of each its element, a human being: by means of language people receive important information, such as dates of certain events, different timetables, working schedules and many other pieces of information which regulate and influence their activity. Language can also be used for transmitting of information without direct communication of its speakers, for example, by means of advertisements, commercials or other means of external information placement.
Language acquisition means the process of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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