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Posner Terms 2 - Assignment Example

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Posner’s Terms [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Posner’s Terms Chapter 4 1. Societal Goal Societal goal as per Posner’s definition can be explained as principally ‘educational goals’ because we cannot connect them to the output of knowledge acquisition (Posner, 1995, p…
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Posner Terms 2
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Download file to see previous pages The administrations also ignore the positive effects of societal goals on students such as reverence for associates, recognition of US position in international economy, international harmony and peace and US nationals’ right of safety. The inclusion of societal goals in curriculum is not an easy task. 2. Administrative Goal Posner (1995) defines administrative goals of educational institutions in terms of supervision and development of the institutions (p. 73). The administrative goals comprise teachers’ appointments, salaries and educational continuation, support required by staff, recognition and promotion of influential leaders, the development and supervision of particular curriculum, protection of staff and students and turnout of students. Educational institution’s building preservation, transport management, resourcing and overhauling planning and supervision and standardizing rules and regulations for students. As a student, I have noticed that administrative goals are handled at school level and school administrators are involved in their development, regulation and improvement. 3. Bloom's Taxonomy and its Applicability to Writing Objectives ‘Cognitive, affective and psychomotor’ domains are part of Bloom’s taxonomy. ...
As a student, I feel that cognitive activities are uncomplicated as compared to affective or psychomotor activities. Cognitive domain incorporates learning, understanding, implementation, evaluation and combination, all of which indicate that it is applicable to writing objectives. For writing, all the mentioned aspects are required. 4. Cognitive Domain Cognitive domain as described by Bloom deals with our thought patterns. Initially, brain was regarded as a mind muscle only but currently, it is an organ that makes a human being capable to use Bloom’s domains that are cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains (Anderson, et al, 2000). Cognitive domain can also be called intellectual domain. Our skills of causation, recollection and cogence of information are investigated by cognitive psychologists. These skills make us dissimilar to animals. We are able to understand and eulogize music, literature and art because of cognitive domain. Our thoughts, rationalizing and comprehension, all are permitted because of cognitive domain. In our studies, we have to use cognitive domain in order to comprehend, evaluate and reason to acquire knowledge. Any kind of study is impossible without incorporation of cognitive domain. 5. Purpose of Standards Posner (1995) describes the standards as defined specifics, capabilities and procedures that students are anticipated to acquire (p. 93). Sometimes, secondary educational institutions adopt and apply ‘behavioral objectives’ that appear as standards. These standards are quantifiable. The student performance can be judged as an indication of a continued knowledge acquisition procedure with the support of these standards. Standards define a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Posner Terms 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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