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Extended effect of multivitamins and selenium supplementation on HIV-1 individuals in Botswana - Term Paper Example

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Extended effect of multivitamins and selenium supplementation in HIV-1 individuals in Botswana Name Institution Literature review. Introduction. Selenium is one of the essential trace minerals that are found in the soil. It naturally appears in some plant food and water…
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Extended effect of multivitamins and selenium supplementation on HIV-1 individuals in Botswana
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Extract of sample "Extended effect of multivitamins and selenium supplementation on HIV-1 individuals in Botswana"

Download file to see previous pages Other studies have shown that because of its antioxidant properties, it can be used as an antioxidant in protecting body cells from damage. Studies that focused on the usefulness of selenium, indicate that supplements of selenium may help in reducing the odds of prostate cancer. These studies further indicate that selenium does not affect the risk of lung cancer. According to Semba (1998) selenium content in a plant food depends on the levels of nutrients in the given soil. Schwarz (1996) shows that selenium is lost whenever food is refined or processed. This means that unless a lot of whole organic produce, one may be at high risk of experiencing a selenium deficiency. The facts explain why supplements known to contain selenium have been increasing in popularity especially in the United Kingdom and the United States. Studies have shown that close to 25% of Americans take multivitamins or selenium supplements. In other studies, it has been shown that in the United States, among the healthiest people, selenium deficiency is uncommon. However, some health conditions such as Crohn’s disease, HIV, and other diseases have also been associated with low levels of selenium (Kupka & Fawzi, 2002). However, most studies done on the effects of multivitamins and selenium supplementation in HIV-1 individuals have not been conclusive. ...
In yet another study, Schwarz (1996) shows that the progressive processes involve increasing the intracellular oxidative stress, replication of the virus, and reducing the amount of the circulating CD4 count that is linked with accumulated or individual deficiencies of nutrients. A number of randomized trials have suggested that those with HIV-infected individuals who use the supplement of micronutrients displayed a huge increase in the CD8 and CD4 cell counts (Semba, 1998). With most studies as discussed above, and as shall be seen in the body of literature focusing on the effect of multivitamins on the HIV patients, this study seeks to examine the extended effect of multivitamins and selenium supplementation on HIV-1 individuals in Botswana. Aim. This experiment aims at examining the extended effect of micronutrient supplementation on the HIV disease progression after one year of stopping supplementation in Botswana. Literature Review. A study conducted by Jiamton et al (2003)on a randomized trial of the effect of multiple supplementation of micronutrients on the mortality in HIV-infected person living in Bangkok, showed that the supplementation of multiple micronutrient may facilitate the survival of individuals who are affected by HIV with the CD4 cell counts lesser than two hundred million per l. According to Jiamton et al (2003), this result had vital implications on the health of the public in the developing world where the antiretrovirals are poor. These findings should be reproduced in different mechanisms and settings, especially those that appear to be independent of the changes in the CD4 cell count. In this study 481 men and women who were infected with HIV residing around Bangkok has CD$ cell counts in the range between 50 x 10^6 and 550 x ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Extended Effect of Multivitamins and Selenium Supplementation on HIV-1 Term Paper.
“Extended Effect of Multivitamins and Selenium Supplementation on HIV-1 Term Paper”, n.d.
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