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Paranormal Activity: Marketing Analysis - Term Paper Example

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This report looks at the marketing strategies involved in promoting an independent film thriller called Paranormal Activity. This report is based on the success of marketing strategies and outlines how these strategies were adapted to suit the unique features of the product, Paranormal Activity. …
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Extract of sample "Paranormal Activity: Marketing Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages The late-night screenings in college towns by the Paramount studio and the involvement of fans on Twitter and other websites helped to share their views and spread word of mouth. This increased interest for others to look at the movie. The movie was promoted as one of the scariest movies and the experiences of the people who participated in the screening were shared. The fans began to demand local theaters and the film’s distributors to show this film in even more theaters so that other filmgoers would have the opportunity to see the film themselves. The movie that started off in a limited number of theaters was now in demand by potential audience members that did not have a theater near them, thus other theaters started showing it until it was as widespread as a typical mainstream blockbuster.
In addition, the actors and actresses gave public appearances. Interviews of the cast and reality talks are the greatest happenings and biggest benefits to film marketing. One more thing needs to be considered in the marketing analysis of a film, which is the personal blog of the members of the movie. The crew and cast members had their individual blogs where they ‘tweeted’ about their movies, some of which were open for the public; audiences were able to respond to the ‘tweets’ as well. If a film cost hundreds of millions of dollars to create, its advertising and market budget will be far greater than a film that cost only tens of millions (Luuk, 1997; Wyatt, 1997).
Paranormal Activity had an ingenious marketing plan that enabled people to vote to get it released on a nationwide basis, as it had not initially been released everywhere. The film adopted a number of marketing strategies. To begin with, even though it had started as an independent film, not having been owned by a large mainstream company, a big studio purchased Paranormal Activity.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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