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Graduation rates between the minority groups that is the African-Americans, Hispanic and Arabs varies significantly with those of the Whites and the Asians. The minority groups have low graduation rates, despite their enrollment being high than those of the majority groups…
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Week 6 DQs
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Week 6 DQs Week 6 DQs Discussion Cultural Considerations, Competence, and Capa Building Graduation rates between the minoritygroups that is the African-Americans, Hispanic and Arabs varies significantly with those of the Whites and the Asians. The minority groups have low graduation rates, despite their enrollment being high than those of the majority groups. Evaluation conducted by our firm concerning the issues has clearly shown that there is a huge gap between the two groups; the majority and the minority groups. Most colleges and schools enroll large numbers of these native groups but graduating them is another issue.
The evaluation undertaken by our firm came up with reason behind this observation. Most students from minority schools enroll in low-level colleges because of lack of finances, these schools do not have resources needed for them to complete their college studies like their year mates in high-level colleges, which are mostly the Whites and the Asians who comes out successfully as graduates. The students from the minority end up dropping out from college, a few makes to graduate leading to low graduation rates among these minority groups. Cultural differences have been a contributing factor for the differences in graduation rates between these two groups (Davidson, 2008).
The process of carrying out evaluation process is a technical process and requires that an individual be conversant with the cultural issues of the setting he/she is dealing with. The is need for evaluators to have some cultural competences of that setting, such cultural competencies include understanding communication patterns used, practices these communities participate, mode of dressing and mode presenting himself/herself. Lack of these competencies will render evaluation useless since they will not open up. Consulting firms should ensure that both the majority and minority groups are represented.
Looking at the composition of both the staff and the students in the school, there were unequal distribution of staff among the races, minority groups had few staff while the majority groups dominates almost all sectors. If cultural biasness is to be minimized and even brought to an end, the authority should ensure that these inequalities are brought to an end. Capacity building in the district schools should be put into consideration during evaluation process. Consulting firms should create position to accommodate all groups; the capacity for each group should be put into consideration (Becker, 2003).
Discussion 2: Collecting Information and Evaluation Designs
Effective learning and acquisition of appropriate skills and experience in students is realized when teachers put into consideration development of quality and thorough evaluation of their students. Student’s experiences and needs should be put into consideration, in the process of evaluation. Evaluation plan is significant to not only teachers and students, but to parents. The K-12 process as an evaluation process has utilized case study and comparison as study designs.
In the evaluation process, case study was appropriate in the study since a large group and area was to be covered. The benefit of using case study is that it combine multiple data sources like interviews, video and video tapes and observation, this is beneficial in that errors and misleading information are minimized. Case study, however, has limitations in that some information may be neglected making the evaluation process unsuccessful (Davidson, 2008).
Random sampling is most useful when the phenomena is not distributed in any particular order, in the evaluation process the method was appropropriate in the K-12 program since the students were distributed disregarding of their background. The method however, a poorly selected sample can easily lead to misleading information, which results to inappropriate concussion (Gary, 2011).
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