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Course: Instructional Design and Development. Assignment#3 - Essay Example

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As the instructional designer for the university, assuming that the provost requested a recommendation for the possibility of offering a series of on-line bachelor degrees, the questions that would be asked are as follows: (1) through a needs analysis, what are the instructional…
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Course: Instructional Design and Development. Assignment#3
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Download file to see previous pages (3) What are the profiles of the potential learners? (4) What is the perceived scope and sequence (curriculum); including targeted program of studies, syllabi and classes for these degrees? (5) What type of distance education format is planned (synchronous or asynchronous)? And (6) what other instructional content and activities have been deemed necessary to be integrated to these on-line bachelor degrees? (Brown & Green, 2005).
After soliciting the needed responses from the provost, one would recommend designing instructional content for the university for a series of on-line bachelor degrees only after a clear organizational purpose, mission and vision statements have been agreed for these programs. Likewise, designing the instructional content and activities would presume that appropriate tasks analysis and learner analysis have been made and that the curriculum, as well as designing program of studies, syllabi and classes for the identified on-line bachelor degrees would have identified either a synchronous or asynchronous format. As instruction designer, therefore, one’s recommendation is premised on the information that has been effectively gathered and evaluated to enable the design of instructional content and academic support needed by students, as well as educators and administrators of the proposed on-line bachelor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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