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Failing Middle Schools - Assignment Example

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This study “Failing Middle Schools” intends to measure the Middle School Students' Level of Competencies in their Reading Classes and Teacher's extent of professional development. Furthermore, it is directed to provide accurate answers to the subsequent research questions…
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Failing Middle Schools
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Extract of sample "Failing Middle Schools"

Download file to see previous pages Failing Middle Schools FAILING MIDDLE SCHOOLS: A CASE STUDY OF ACCOUNTABILITY AND TURNAROUND REFORM Introduction World leaders believe that middle schools significantly play a crucial role in enabling the nations. The term “middle schools” or “middle schooling” have been a popular discussion in schools over the past decade. Recent studies, however, have drawn insights on the need to re-conceptualize the role of the middle grade in the public education system.
 Merely 10% to 20% probability graduated on time. Moreover, more students continue to fail courses and may not achieve on-time promotion to the next grade. Lack the skills, knowledge, and self-confidence to succeed in high school and feeling distanced from his or her peers, the student continues to fail, does not earn promotion to the 10th grade. Furthermore, school principals have also expressed concerned about some schools’ lack of sufficient staff to carry out their several non-instructional tasks such as the roster chairs, work of technology coordinators, Special Education liaisons, social workers and others (Useem, E., and Teoh, M. 2003).
Schoolings success according to Balfanz, R. (2009)in improving student outcomes were dependent on the manner by which it operates under situations in which teaching is promoted and considers three major conditions which are the teacher career structures, teacher time, and teacher leadership. Some works of literature also suggest that more teacher collaboration, as well as the higher workload on teachers in middle schooling,  is required, as compared to the case in traditional schools. Staff development must also be a focus in order to achieve a stronger professional community. The school should provide opportunities to teachers to benefit from career advancement and find ways as to how can they retain the benefits of teachers who practice the traditional subject-based teacher leadership, at the same time sustaining its strength in curriculum relevance, pastoral care, and constructivist pedagogy.
Problem Statement
Research Questions:
1. What is the Level of Reading Competencies among Middle School Students in Selected Middle Schools?
2. To which extent do Middle School teachers involve in professional development, in terms of the following:
a. Attendance to Seminars d. Enrolled in Continuing Education b. Attendance to Pieces of training. Membership to Professional Organization c. Attendance to Conferences f. Research Conduct and Presentations
Failing Middle Schools 2
3. Are the Level of Reading Competencies among Middle School Students in Selected Middle School, strongly relates to the extent of Middle School Teacher involvement in professional development, when categorized based on:
a. Degree acquired b. Length of School Serviced. Rank/Position e. Class Size
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Failing Middle Schools Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 910 Words.
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