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How will an MBA degree will benefit the Company and me - Essay Example

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I have been working with my current company for the last 6 years as a Technician Engineer and I must admit to finding immense satisfaction with my job. The fulfillment I have enjoyed at the company has inculcated in me a drive to climb the corporate ladder at the company. I hope…
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How will an MBA degree will benefit the Company and me
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"How will an MBA degree will benefit the Company and me"

Download file to see previous pages The completion of the course means that I have a better understanding of the day to day issues that we face at the company.
I believe that completing the MBA course will help me to be better prepared for the opportunities and threats that are as a result of the dynamic business culture or environment. The MBA will prepare me for the new opportunities that will come up in the environment. This is because the course will provide me the much needed understanding of the functional aspect of the company. Working at the company often calls for one to motivate the other members of the team, and I believe that having an MBA qualification will enable me to organize, lead, as well as motivate other members of the Tech Company to produce the best possible results at any given time.
Upon the completion of the MBA, it is my belief that I will be able to understand the economic pressures that the company may face. The understanding of the financial condition of the Tech Company will help me in helping the management in the company to come up with policies that will ensure profitability of the company. Having completed my Bachelor of Science in Network Communication Management while still at the company, I believe that the MBA will further enhance my ability to predict the needs of the different clients at the company. This will in turn help me gain insight into how to build lasting and fulfilling relationship with the clients.
The MBA program, as well as the combination of my education background and work experience enables me to effectively advance the different technologies as opposed to looking at new technologies as a threat. The MBA will enable me to change my attitudes about the business to be in tune with the international dimension of doing business. This will be of benefit to me as an individual, and the benefit will also extend to the business.
The program I intend to enroll in is a part time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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