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In Pursuit of an MBA - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In the essay “In Pursuit of an MBA” the author explains why he plans to pursue an MBA when he already is a full-fledged engineer working in a multinational oil company. Some thought it is a smart career move to get a promotion. Others assume he was not really fulfilled with his engineering profession…
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In Pursuit of an MBA
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Extract of sample "In Pursuit of an MBA"

Download file to see previous pages Growing up, it was fair to say that my dreams started here at Saudi Aramco. Having been hired since 2003, the company believed in my potentials enough to send me to an American university for a degree in Petroleum Engineering. For four years, I managed to come back and work in Saudi every summer as part of the company’s program. My job as a production engineer includes monitoring of oil wells, providing analysis, and issuing reports to the management.
However, I could say that these were not the highlights of my career. Years passed, I have come to realize that apart from technical skills, I found the human aspect of my work to be very interesting. I started joining asset teams to troubleshoot problems in our fields. Because of group exposure and participation, I came to know the importance of communication between different departments in the company. Soon, I found myself leading a team to conduct a professional development forum; an effort participated by over 600 engineers. This particular experience challenged my leadership skills so much that I started taking up online courses on communication skills development, time management techniques, and presentation just so I could remain competitive at work.
During these times, I realized that my drive to enhance my leadership potentials is an integral part of the company’s success. In [date], I conducted a study on project management with representatives from other departments in the company. It was so successful that the recommendations written in the project were implemented because of its impact on the company’s operations. From this experience, I figured the changing role of an engineer in the company – that is to manage, communicate, and implement new practices and technology. I recognized that these were complex tasks that required specific skills and learning. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(In Pursuit of an MBA Admission/Application Essay, n.d.)
In Pursuit of an MBA Admission/Application Essay.
(In Pursuit of an MBA Admission/Application Essay)
In Pursuit of an MBA Admission/Application Essay.
“In Pursuit of an MBA Admission/Application Essay”.
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