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Executive MBA School Submission - Admission/Application Essay Example

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An author of the current essay "Executive MBA School Submission" seeks to outline the personal skills and knowledge in the field of administrative management. Moreover, the writer reveals the gained experience of working as a hotel manager, describing the achieved results…
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Extract of sample "Executive MBA School Submission"

Executive MBA School Essay The work I have done at Coral hotel which is located in Doha since my appointment as the manager is considered one of my outstanding achievements. When joining the hotel, it was in its pre opening stages and the sales were down. This made the vice chairman and the owner of the hotel to make me manage all the operations of the hotel and I was to report to the general manager and to the owner. At this time the hotel lacked a manager and the sales director’s post was vacant. All these duties were left to the general manager (Price 12).
Before being made the manager of the hotel, the staff morale was very low while the sales department did not have enough personnel, since there were only 2 sales people who had to fill 227 rooms. Improving these conditions is seen as an achievement since the sales department would be more effective unlike when the 2 personnel would have to take care of 3 restaurants and a spa. The working experience gained has also given me knowledge on marketing and communication management within the hotel (46).
It is a huge achievement being able to raise the Revpar index of the hotel by 11.2 percent while the GOP has risen by 31.8 percent. This is attributable to the improvement of the staff working morale over the two years I have been the manager. I did this by reorganizing sales, managing the channels, improving the public relations and implementing sales campaigns making the hotel to have a fast ramp. On top of my current achievement, I have completed my certification and I am currently a certified international project manager having studied at PMI institute for a period of 1 year and passed the test with exception.
At the opening phase, the hotel was facing meager guest services due to lack of a capable management. My team and I have been able to increase the hotel value, customer satisfaction, penetration and the hotel has gained relevance. Through my efforts, the hotel has regained its market share and is out of default. Under my management, the hotel has changed a lot and guest satisfaction has increased. This is evident in the booking channels which are online such as where the hotel during my tenor is at 8.8 out of 10 up from 7.5 out of 10 considering 1395 reviews which is a great achievement (price 78).
Work cited
Price, Jason A. Emba: An Insiders Guide for Working Professionals in Pursuit of Graduate Business Education. S.l.: Xlibris Corp, 2004. Read More
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