Application for a Vacancy to Pursue an MBA in George Fox University - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This paper stresses that the reporter interested in obtaining an MBA as a way a channel for augmenting his knowledge of the business world. Given his undergraduate training in media, an MBA will be ideal in introducing and equipping his with ample know the edge of business. …
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Application for a Vacancy to Pursue an MBA in George Fox University
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Extract of sample "Application for a Vacancy to Pursue an MBA in George Fox University"

There are several reasons why I have chosen to obtain an MBA from George Fox University.
My interest in obtaining an MBA
I am interested in obtaining an MBA as a way a channel for augmenting my knowledge of the business world. Given my undergraduate training in media, an MBA will be ideal in introducing and equipping me with ample knowledge of business. My interest in obtaining an MBA is also underpinned by my desire for leadership and personal development. I understand that the program has academic units and involves activities that are integral to personal development. This is particularly effective because the study of the program involves experiential learning that will hone my qualitative and analytical skills.
The knowledge and skills that I will obtain from the study of the program
In pursuing the MBA program, I hope to acquire accounting and financing knowledge and skills. Interestingly, the accounting and financing knowledge and skills that an MBA imparts are applicable in different industries. Units such as management accounting, financial accounting, corporate finance, and micro and macroeconomics will be especially important in my later practice in business. I also hope that the program will equip me with entrepreneurship skills that will help me detect business ideas and invest in them prudently. Additionally, I hope to acquire management knowledge and skills such as time management, adaptability, and teamwork building.
My interest in George Fox University
George Fox University’s rank as position twenty-four in 2014 edition of Best Colleges in Regional Universities is one of the things that underpin my interest in the institution. Such a good ranking is reassuring to me that I am joining the winning team. The faculty-student of 13:1 is enough proof that I will get quality education at the institution. This is further strengthened by the knowledge that the institution offers non-remedial tutoring. The disallowance of on-campus alcohol use and controlled dormitory access makes me believe that the institution is a safe environment from which to study.
The suitability of the timing
I choose to pursue this MBA now because it is my first step in my plan to establish a career as a television business presenter in two years’ time. I believe that my background training in media needs a business edge in order to distinguish myself from merely working in television business presentation without an articulate understanding of the content.
Preparation for an MBA program
I have a special talent in mathematics and this will make it easy for me to interact more efficiently with the content of the program. Additionally, I am mobilizing the money needed to fund my education. I am also preparing psychologically, to expand my networks because the program will expose me to valuable chances of making connections with colleagues and faculty.
Future benefits of an MBA from George Fox University
The George Fox University MBA will increase my chances of getting a job in the future in any organization due to the improved capabilities with which it will equip me. The MBA will increase my chances of getting into self-employment in the future by giving me skills of starting and running my own business. Finally, the new networks that the George Fox University MBA will help me develop will offer me unparalleled opportunities for future collaboration.

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