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A Certified SAS Analyst Pretends to Get an MBA Degree - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The essay “A Certified SAS Analyst Pretends to Get an MBA Degree” Considers its author to be an accomplished person brought up by a prosperous family who has a business. He has got a Bachelors degree in Microbiology, biochemistry, and chemistry and wants to become a more versatile MBA specialist…
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A Certified SAS Analyst Pretends to Get an MBA Degree
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Extract of sample "A Certified SAS Analyst Pretends to Get an MBA Degree"

Admission Essay for admission into MBA program If there is something that brings gratification in life, it is the ability to follow a path that givesone the opportunity of watching his/her plans in life unfold, particularly the ability of bringing one’s academic objectives to fruition and ultimately getting the chance of making the most of the acquired knowledge to make positive contributions in one’s field. I would like to express my interest of admission into your institution for an MBA program. I strongly desire to gain more knowledge and skills in this field and later pursue a full-time career in the same. I come from a family that has had a business background – my father is the greatest business person I have ever known and I grew up observing him manage his business with great skill, leading his employees towards its success, and even as he interacted with other well-read business people. I particularly admired his leadership skills and through his inspiration and encouragement as I grew up, I knew that I would want to become a leader someday.
I have an excellent academic background, which includes a Bachelors degree in Microbiology/biochemistry/chemistry from India, with a great GPA of 4.0. In fact, I was awarded a Gold Medal for outstanding performance in Biochemistry. I also have a Masters degree in Genetics from India, with a GPA of 3.96. I have 5 yrs of work experience in Biotech field and currently, I am a SAS Analyst working in the field of Healthcare, which is perchance the primary strongest aspect of my application.
Despite having a science background, I am determined to excel in Business Administration. In fact, my transition from working in Biology to becoming an Analyst has been a great success – I am already a certified SAS analyst and I am doing well in my job. I believe that pursuing an MBA program will enable me to develop my career to its fullest potential. Apart from giving me a powerful life experience, the program will equip me with such critical skills for success as leadership, management, economics, accounting, marketing, critical thinking, teamwork, finance, operations, communication and ethics, which are vital tools for effective management.
My application for admission into an MBA program is not founded on a mere desire for a title of a graduate of a master program but on my enthusiasm of delving into Business Administration and consequently actualizing my career goals. I have a great desire of setting up a biotech company in India and in order to do this, I need strong entrepreneurship skills and knowledge. I believe that the program will endow me with an all-round grounding – it will make me suitable for the administration of all aspects of my future business in addition to equipping me with the much-needed skills of administering the business in all its affairs. Moreover, the program will also assist me in the development of the crucial personality traits that the requirements of the job demand, which other courses do not offer.
I have a strong desire to do extremely well in this course, which is enough reason for me to go extra miles in the course of my study. I am an open minded, enthusiastic, self-motivated, sociable and ingenious person who possesses negotiation and interpersonal skills, an outstanding team player who is excellent in networking; a very mature and emotionally stable person who believes in himself and who have an excellent studying ability and a strong dedication to hard work.
I am also very attentive to details, and have a strong determination to convey relevant results, all of which would be crucial assets in this course. Pursuing an MBA program in your institution will assist in sharpening these skills further. Kindly consider me a strong candidate for enrolment into this program and give me the opportunity of paving way for the employment my knowledge better in service to humanity. Read More
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A Certified SAS Analyst Pretends to Get an MBA Degree Admission/Application Essay. Retrieved from
(A Certified SAS Analyst Pretends to Get an MBA Degree Admission/Application Essay)
A Certified SAS Analyst Pretends to Get an MBA Degree Admission/Application Essay.
“A Certified SAS Analyst Pretends to Get an MBA Degree Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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