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The following paper under the title 'Public Schools Reminded not to Turn Away Illegal Immigrants' is focused on the United States of America which is a bastion of individual freedom and opportunity. The discussion here is about an on-line news article…
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Public Schools Reminded not to Turn Away Illegal Immigrants
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School district authorities who require proof of citizenship on enrollment time are guilty of a law passed during the time of President Ronald Reagan, which only requires proof of residency such as a water, phone or electric bill (Armario 1).
This knowledge is somehow related to my class because we are being taught how to respect the rights of all people and how not to discriminate against a certain class of people. In other words, America should embrace multi-culturalism from its varied ethnicities, indicated by its motto, “E Pluribus Unum” or “one from many” which is indicative of Americas status as the melting pot of the world, ready to welcome anybody to its shores and live freely.
The financial crisis resulting from a bursting of the housing bubble and the subprime mortgage collapse has put severe strains on the finances of most states and in particular, those of certain school districts. This caused the recent attempts to exclude the illegals from school.
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