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Muti questions - Assignment Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: History 11. What were the mutualistas? Who belonged to them? Mutualistas were individuals and groups who helped the community members cope while in United States. Immigrants needed aid to adapt and gain means of survival in a foreign country…
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Muti questions
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"Muti questions"

Download file to see previous pages Mutualistas comprised of all individuals who were ready to liberate and unite Mexicans in United States. Its membership was not restricted and it consisted of Mexican authorities, nation organizations for instance Alianza Hispano formed in 1894, Club Femenino Orquidia and women groups. 12. What did El Norte symbolize to the immigrants from Mexico in the early twentieth century? The main two actors in El Norte were David Villalpando and Zaide Gutierrez and they experienced civil war, which made them flee to America. Experiences witnessed by the individuals symbolized hard life they encountered while in United States of America where they did hard chores within poor environments. Conversely, their freedoms and rights were hand capped by government and those who tried to boycott duty were severely murdered and tortured. Though they were discriminated in United States, it still remained better to them than their homeland where there was turmoil and insecurity. These actors preferred life in captivity where you can get basic wants than being free in a country where you suffer due to high poverty levels. 13. What were the results of the Mexican Revolution for the average Mexican? Mexicans enjoyed a tranquil society after the revolution since new democratic country was formed which catered for needs of the people. Economic development was jerked by applying mixed economy strategies that welcomed investors and local entrepreneurs. Mexican citizens who were squatters were given land by the government and this improved their living standards since they can engage in agricultural production. Human rights and freedoms were adhered to by the government and laws and policies were put in place to protect citizens for instance formalization of peasant organisations and labor unions. Restoration of peace created an avenue for distribution of goods and services making it readily available for consumers. 14. What did the train come to symbolize? Train come symbolizes a new beginning in the life of Americans after a long time of captivity and unrest. It bestows lots of hope to citizens and encourages the government to gear towards achieving initial stability before the revolution. However, these hopes and aims can be achieved via uniting all Mexicans to create a common bond and cohesion. Though train come made people lose their hard earned property and others lives, it marked a beginning since Mexicans were to contribute to economic growth of their own country. 15. What kinds of work did most Mexicans find when they came to the United States? Give some examples for both men and women in different parts of the country? Mexican immigrants found life hard in foreign land and had to indulge in odd jobs in order to make ends meet. Early immigrants found good jobs but with endless flow of illegal Mexican citizens, Unites States economy was disfranchised of jobs and all Mexicans were relegated to blue collar jobs for instance in industries, farm work and house maid duties. In this regard, men participated in tedious jobs for example working in plantations, herding livestock and operating industrial equipments. On the other hand, women indulged in housekeeping chores like babysitting, washing toilets, caring for the old and washing clothes. This depended on different regions one inhabited for instance industrialization was practised in North America and agriculture in the South. Most Mexicans’ work places were un conducive for example industrial set up where there is a lot of noise, harmful fumes and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Muti questions
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